Plug-and-play access for up to 8 dosing pumps, ensures precise and accurate dosing of chemicals every cycle which allows to prevent wastage and controls your costs every time.
The CASCADE concept results in more perforations in the drum over the same surface area so water extraction is much more efficient without your linen sticking to the drum, thus simplifying unloading. The CASCADE shape of the drum holes provides an extra mechanical action that produces an even better washing result.
A track-and-trace system allows full quality control by providing records and statistics for each wash load enabling tracking of washing cycles and personalised programming to find the perfect cycle for you needs.
Optiload® calculates the weight of the load while you load the washer-extractor, and automatically adapts the amount of water and detergent the machine will use, ensuring optimised consumption and maximising productivity.
The innovative XControl+ programmer brings laundry professionals unlimited programming possibilities. New washing programmes can also be uploaded quickly and easily thanks to the handy USB plug.

Our perforated ribs maximise the soakage of the laundry and provide an additional mechanical action to reduce water consumption without reducing wash quality.
Ease of use, safety and ergonomics at your fingertips. The patented Golden Lock system will help you to easily lock and unlock the machine before and after the wash cycle. Because the machine will not run until the door is securely locked, safety is ensured.
Evo4 inceases drying efficiency thanks to our innovative heat pump drying technology, reducing electricity consumption by more than 65%, requiring less than a 5kW power installation. It is a closed loop system without the necessity for an external exhaust pipe.
Our innovative humidity sensors protect your linen from over-drying to ensure you can always have the outstanding results you desire.
The Eco system enables the most economical and environmentally friendly levels of water consumption without losing washing quality.
Using a combination of radial and axial airflow, energy consumption is reduced while maintaining outstanding drying performance.

PowerDry perforated drum ribs maximise enforced air flow through the drum reducing the drying cycle of your load.
SensoSpeed adjusts ironing speed according to the temperature of the ironing cylinder, ensuring the perfect contact with the ironing cylinder to guarantee linen is completely dry and ready to use after ironing.


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